Rytand's murmur in heart block

(Representative image)

Rytand’s murmur in heart block

David A Rytand [1] described a diastolic murmur in elderly patients with varying degrees of heart block. Of the total 9 cases reported by him, 4 had calcification of mitral annulus, but without significant obstruction of mitral flow. Remaining 5 of them did not have mitral annular calcification. The description was of a blowing diastolic murmur at the cardiac apex. Simultaneous phonocardiographic and electrocardiographic recordings demonstrated the relationship of the diastolic murmur to atrial activity. The murmur was better heard in the left lateral position. It was louder when it occurred in the early diastole so as to coincide with the end of early rapid filling period of the ventricle. A maximum of two murmurs were recorded in a diastole, in a patient with complete heart block.

Similar diastolic murmur was described in congenital complete atrioventricular block by Paul MH et al [2].


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