LAD Stenosis – Left coronary angiogram

Left coronary angiogram showing tight stenosis of distal left anterior descending (LAD) coronary artery just prior to its bifurcation into a terminal diagonal. There is mild stenosis of parent LAD in both distal and proximal regions. Multiple septal and diagonal branches are seen originating from the LAD, which appears to be a type 2 vessel reaching up to the apex, though the distal most part is not very clear in this image. One small diagonal at the proximal end of the stenotic segment has ostial stenosis. Transradial catheter is seen at the upper end of the image. Left main coronary artery (LMCA) shows distal tapering, prior to its division into LAD and left circumflex (LCX) coronary arteries. LCX also shows stenoses in its distal part, though this is a foreshortened view for LCX.