Stenosis of left circumflex and major obtuse marginal coronary arteries


Left coronary injection is seen in RAO (right anterior oblique) caudal view. LMCA: Left main coronary artery. LAD: Left anterior descending coronary artery (partially filled in this image). Major OM: Major obtuse marginal branch of left circumflex (LCX) coronary artery. In this case LCX is continuing as major OM and distal LCX in the atrioventricular groove is a relatively small vessel. Distal LCX shows tight stenosis at the point beyond the origin of major OM. Major OM has a proximal irregular stenosis involving a short segment. Distal part of major OM is free of significant disease.


Left coronary injection in the AP (anteroposterior) caudal view, showing a more elongated view of the proximal LCX. LMCA bifurcation is better visualized in this view, though the contrast density in that region is low as the catheter has slipped out of the LMCA towards the end of the injection. Stenoses of LCX and major OM visualized in this view as well.