LVH on echocardiogram


Parasternal short axis view at the level of the papillary muscles showing concentric left ventricular hypertrophy.



Parasternal long axis view showing concentric left ventricular hypertrophy.



M-Mode echocardiogram showing left ventricular hypertrophy. IVSd: interventricular septum diastolic measurement. LVIDd: Left ventricular internal dimension, diastolic. LVPWd: Left ventricular posterior wall, diastolic. IVSs: Interventricular septum, systolic. LVIDs: Interventricular septum, systolic. LVPWs: Left ventricular posterior wall, systolic. EDV: End diastolic volume. FS: Fractional shortening. ESV: End systolic volume. SV: Stroke volume. EF: Ejection fraction.



Apical four chamber view showing left ventricular hypertrophy.