Rest and nitroglycerine myocardial viability scan

nuclear scan

Rest and nitroglycerine 99mTc myocardial viability scan

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Rest images were obtained after intravenous administration of 8 mCi of 99mTc. 25 mCi of 99mTc was injected hours later and after 0.5 mg of sublingual nitroglycerine and rest gated images obtained. Exercise was deferred in view of clinical background of triple vessel disease and severe left ventricular dysfunction. Rest images showed a moderately dilated left ventricle and no pulmonary uptake of tracer. Perfusion abnormality was noted in the inferior wall and inferolateral segments. There was some improvement of perfusion with nitroglycerine. Gated SPECT analysis showed global hyokinesia with a global ejection fraction of about 23%.